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In this blog post you will find that I have made a video showing what a normal 24 hour day of mine consists of. This project consisted of many major steps, first I had document what I do in a 24 hour day, hour by hour. Then, I had to write a script of what I was going to say in my video to explain how I spend my time. After I recorded myself reading my script, I put it into GarageBand to edit out the goobers. Next, I had to make a pie chart as a visual for you all, so that you could visually see how much time I spend doing certain things. After that, I had to make a story board, mapping out what my video would exactly look like. Once I was finished with that, I gathered and took photos to put in my video to specifically show you what I was doing at certain times in my day. After all of that was finished, I began making my video in iMovie for all of you to see. Below, you will see a more in depth description of some of the steps I took to make this short video giving you a look into my life. I hope you enjoy watching!

My Script:

Hi my name is Tayah, I had to create this documentary showing how I spend 24-hours as an assignment for my Web Communications class. After recording what I do on an average day, hour by hour, I had to make a pie chart splitting my activities into seven larger categories. Between getting ready for school and getting ready for bed, I was shocked to see that I spend about six percent of my day getting ready. I was most surprised to see that I spend about fifteen percent of my day socializing. However, I was not surprised to see how much time I spend at school or doing school related work. I spend about one fourth of my day at school, which really adds up to a lot when a third of my day is spent sleeping or resting. I spend about five percent of my day traveling to and from school, from class to class, and down the street to babysit. I was surprised that I only spend two and half percent of my day eating, but it made sense when I realized I spend half of the time I have to eat, socializing with my friends and family. After socializing, school, sleep, traveling, getting ready and eating are accounted for, that leaves me with a little less than fourteen percent of my day to do what I want, and I take full advantage of that. I spend about fourteen percent of my time watching endless episodes of my favorite series on Netflix or playing Sims on my laptop. I hope you enjoyed listening to what an average day of mine consists of.

My Storyboard:

Film Editing:

Screen shot 2014-04-16 at 12.51.13 PM

My Documentary:

What I learned:

Throughout the many steps in this process of making a video, I had some challenges. One challenge I faced was not knowing how to embed a photo from Flickr to my blog. After many failed attempts of copying and pasting the link,  I was pretty frustrated so I went to Nick Chadwell for help. I asked him to show me how to embed a photo into my blog, and he knew exactly how. Although some of these steps were challenging, I learned quite a few new things. To name a few, I learned how to edit a track in GarageBand. I did not know how to cut out certain parts of a song, and drag the remaining parts together so that the sound would still flow nicely. I also learned how to make a pie chart in Illustrator which I found to be a lot of fun. I used a great tutorial to make my pie chart which can be found here. Not only did I learn how to make a pie chart, I learned how to split the pie into pieces to emphasize certain parts of the pie chart that I may want to talk about. The skills I learned in GarageBand and Adobe Illustrator during this project will certainly help me in the future.

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